domingo, 9 de marzo de 2014

FITZ from the past

So you are aware that FITZ is back in London and that we are recruiting for new and like-minded musicians. We recently dug up some material from ye old vault and discovered some stuff when A°Mos was co-founder, co-writer and bass player for Under My Stand, back in 1999, right here in London. This is to give anyone who is interested in joining the team an idea of how the influences and tastes have changed during the last 15 years. Keep in mind that the new direction we're aiming at will be much, much heavier.

"Falling On"
"Sour Jane"
"Over The Skyline"

RESERVA 90 - Covering Songs has never been so much fun! 

Between 2007 and 2010, A°Mos was co-founder, arranger, vocalist and guitarist for acoustic cover band Reserva 90, along with fellow FITZ drummer Molin, in Seville (Spain). The four piece band took classic rock & pop songs and transformed them into lounge arroungements, playing many successful live shows. Eventually, A°Mos had to leave the band and got replaced by a female singer. The new formation is still playing successful shows in Spain, and videos are available throughout You Tube. Here are a few recordings of when A°Mos was the singer.

Noches del Cangrejo 2007-Cafè Platea (Sevilla) - Mr. Pastramy sings "W Fernandez" by Bandabardò

"All That She Wants"- Ace Of Base

"Ashes To Ashes"- David Bowie 

"Symphony Of Destruction"- Megadeth

"White Rabbit"- Jefferson Airplane

"You Could Be Mine"- Guns N' Roses

"Can't Get You Out Of My Head"- Kyle Minogue
yeah yeah, we know...

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